5 Guidelines for Cyber Security

Cyber security is all about protecting your personal computer from any hazardous situation. It protects you when an unauthorized person tries to access your data and personal information without permission. It also defends you from other threats like viruses for example. Information security is one of the most critical and imperative areas of IT nowadays. Cyber security companies are growing rapidly and they are essential as the threat of malware and cyber-shadowing continues to rise year-on-year. Here we will discuss some methods that a company should implement while working for cyber security.

1. Employee Internet Usage Protocol

Internet is a necessity for any working or business organization and its employees, nowadays. Almost every work is online. It is unavoidable part of business world. But where there is an online data transfer appears a threat of cyber also increases. So, company should be very clear in its policy that how and when an employee can access the internet. Your Internet usage policy may include the following guidelines:

  • Employees can only use the Internet for formal business.
  • All downloads should be properly scanned with anti-virus software.
  • Employees may not deal with the company data on any public computer or unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
  • If employee is accessing company’s information on an alternative internet connection then it must be secured.

There should be clear consequences for all those who violate the company’s rule. This may include suspension or termination. Employers can inspect the employee computers at any time.

2. Protocol for Social Media

Social media sites are on the peak when we talk about connecting people and sharing data. So it is also a powerful way for the companies to connect with their customers on a personal level. On the one side it is a helping tool for an organization whereas on the other side it may destroy you by stealing your important information. So, company should make social media policy that restricts the employees while they say anything about the company, using their social profile. They should mention properly about their own views without involving the company in that matter. Protocols should be very strict for those who are allowed post to the company’s official social site. The united approach is appreciable which may not affect the company’s reputation. It will lead to a strong brand voice.

3. Data Ownership Protocol

This protocol deals with the data assignment. It states some actions which are to be followed while accessing company’s information. It must be defined by the company that how much and what data is to be accessed and by whom. The company must protect sensitive data.

For this, following regulations are needed:

  • Type of authorization required to access data
  • Data categorization and level of security
  • Who has an authority of alteration of data
  • Proper Tracking of this alteration
  • Which data can be shared and with whom
  • Protection laws

4. Cyber Security Education Protocol

Employees must gain education related to Cyber security. They can learn this from a friend, books or search it on internet. A blunder of a single employee can make thousands of customers under high risk and it degrades the company’s reputation also. Employees should be properly trained about common scams such as phishing, social engineering and online frauds. They must know how to verify the person before sharing some legal information with him. Keep the employees updated with new frauds and the ways to overcome them.

5. Prevention, Resolution, and Restoration Protocol

It is said that Prevention is better than a cure. To prevent any of the cyber threat one must know the cyber security. But when it comes to hackers then we can’t say anyone is secure against cyber threats. So if anytime, your data is compromised, then you should have a pre defined resolution and restoration method. So cyber security is the best way to handle with any of the cyber challenges. And that’s too quickly and efficiently

So nowadays, cyber security is as important as a guarding security, protecting company’s real property.

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