6 tips to Make your VPN More Secured

If you are a trusted employee and have given the remote access to your network, then congratulations! As of now, you must have seen the benefits and productivity from allowing collaboration from different regions.

You will discover that keeping your network safe is now even difficult that earlier, because each system gives a way to access to the other network for unauthorized people. Her, we have listed 6 tips that can help you to secure your network while connecting to VPN

Use strongest authentication method The authentication method will totally depend on what kind of infrastructure you have, and you should check your operating system and VPN documentation to determine what options you do have. For example If you are on a network Microsoft servers, then the strongest authentication method that will be provided by Extensible authentication protocol is Transport Level Security. It is used with smart cards and requires a public key infrastructure. On such network, Microsoft gives a challenge to second version of authentication protocol and Extensible authentication protocol offers the best authentication security.

Use strongest encryption method While on a network with Microsoft servers, there is one layer over Internet protocol security, known as Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). Point to point tunneling protocol is considered quite weak and allows the access, unless clients have set strong passwords. The secure socket layer of VPN can function smoothly with AES-256 encryption, TLS-based session authentication and SHA1 authentication of tunnel data.

Limit the access of VPN to others, and only when needed A connection to VPN should be open only, when it is needed actually. Remotes employees should not be allowed to establish a connection to the VPN 24*7 to check emails and to download the needed files.

Activate access to email without requiring VPN access Set up an exchange proxy server on a Microsoft exchange server to allows email to access through remote procedure call over HTTP, secured by SSL encryption.

And, on the other server, activate IMAP, POP3 or SMTP protocol. In order to enhance the security over such mail system, they require SSL encryption and secure password authentication. You can also make the use of secure web mail, when you are traveling and want to use the system of other people.

Provide firewall protection, antispam and antivirus to your remote users and confirm that they make the use of it Each and every computer connected to the VPN network can comes in contact with viruses with the help of network. So, make sure that you have installed an updated antivirus, antispam and other protection in your system.

Don’t make the use of other VPN networks or remote control software when you are connected to VPN The last thing you need to do is to protect your network to get exposed to other networks. Many VPN softwares posses the routing of client to make the use of default gateway once they are connected to VPN, but this is not mandatory.

Remote employees might their internet browsing has become slow, if all the data is transferred through the network and they want to disable this option, but doing so, they will also get restricted from accessing hostile website.

Setting a personal firewall for proxy firewall can allow people to make the use of remote network without slowing down the speed of their Internet connection.

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