7 amazing ways to fun online while securing your privacy

Our emails got hacked, Google steals our passwords, Facebook track us each and everywhere. All things are true. Wow! It seems like the best way to save you online is to be offline.

But, there is one truth also, even after knowing all these things; we can’t imagine our lives without Internet. We have so much addicted of it. That’s why; here we have come up with 7 cools methods you can consider to have fun online while securing your privacy and these are given as below

Web Browser: Tor

Want to browse the web without people minding your online activities? Just give a try to Tor browser. This browser basically links to other relays, erasing your all the data along the way. It is generally considered as a high level security, and if you want to increase your privacy more, you can do so by adding apps to the Tor browser.

Search Engine: DuckDuckGo

The only creepy and annoying thing of using a Google search engine is it provides lots of ads on every website people visit. And, the good thing about DuckDuckGo search engine is it comes up with mo long term memory. It clearly means that you won’t be able to find any search history while using this browser. Another major advantage of using this search engine is it directly answers to all your questions.

Messaging App: Wicker

With lots of messaging application, such as WhatsApp, you find blunder in encryption. Adding fuel to the fire, such kinds of apps also keep a track of our online activities, for example when we talk and to whom. But, if you make the use of Telegram and Wicker, instead of using WhatsApp, you will get more security, as each and every message is fully encrypted with their own unique key. So, it’s up to you!

Social Media: MeWe

It is a private communication network that enhances the more privacy with the help of its designs. White other social media sites such as Tsu, Ello, and YikYak have made lots of headlines, and their members have questioned about the privacy of these platforms. But, MeWe is a private and safe network that gives better security than those platforms and will work as the alternative of Facebook for upcoming generation. Here, people can interact with other without any tension or worries and no one would be able to spy on them.

Cloud Storage: SpiderOak

The cloud storage is in fashion these days. Although, its work is in progress right now, we wouldn’t recommend people for storing their personal pictures here. Why? It’s because this service is run by a service provider, who generally keeps of duplicate copy of your data or other stuff. On the other side, you can use any kind of device to access your content. The major challenge is which service provider ensures your complete security and protection of your stuff?

SpiderOak, basically encrypts all your files on your desktop and then, shares them to the data center. This cloud storage is highly recommended over Dropbox cloud storage and is highly praised by the people.

Credit Card Protection: PayPal

It has revealed in a study that last year, credit card of several Americans has stopped working because they were hacked by unauthorized parties. PayPal gives an extra layer of security to your money. You just need to choose one card for online shopping and create an online account on PayPal using that card. If the shopping site does not accept payment from PayPal, then look for other alternative options.

Wireless on the go: Verizon Jetpack

Did you know that whenever you connect to an Internet through an open Wi-Fi such as at airports or at restaurants, you are more open to the hackers? They can easily get access to your passwords, your financial information and can even set the hooks on your system to access later. In order to get more security, we strongly recommend you to use Verizon Jetpack. It works separately from your Smartphones and provides more security to your network.

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