Are browser’s privacy modes really keeping you safe?

Are you planning to shop a present for your partner? Or, are you booking holiday tickets for you and your family members? Or, simply looking at those things that you want to hide from others? Well, it is possible to keep your online activities secure these days. By using the browsers that come with the facility of “privacy modes”, you can hide you and your online presence from unauthorized users.

Or, you can say that this is the only thing they would have you suppose.

But, the matter of fact is, the default features of the top rates browses i.e.; ‘private modes’ don’t keep to you hidden online at all. Although, the privacy mode of the browsers is activated, but still, you are visible to other people all over the Internet, and they can track your online activities at anytime, and anything that you download on your system can be easily viewed on the other system, once you have completed your session.

The private modes of such browsers work like this they don’t allow the browser you are using to track the websites you visit and to keep a track of the downloading cookies. It means no one would be able to know what you have been doing online, but yes, other people can see your online activities.

Infact, even when the privacy mode of your browser is enabled, your all the online activities can be tracked by someone, who knows the IP address of your system. The IP address is basically the unique and original address that allows the online data to find you and vice versa. Your system IP address can disclose several types of information about you such as your current location, your ISP, the sites you are visiting and the things you have downloaded when you were online. The enabled private modes don’t do anything.

So, the most common question that must be arising in your mind is, how can you keep yourself secure online?

Well, it’s not that much difficult as you are thinking, just make the use of HMA Pro! VPN that replaces your original IP address with a new IP address belonging to a server based in another country. This way, no one would be able to track you and you will remain anonymous online. Your all the online activities like the sites you have visited or all your downloads are kept safe and protected as well.

And, VPN is not meant only for your computer or laptop, Infact it is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Mac also.

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