Change your geo-location by considering the following tips

Doesn’t matter where you go, what you do and how you secure your online identity, there is always a way for expert people to find your IP address and to get access to your precious data.

Just like you home has a unique address, same as with your computer. Every time you connect to the Internet with your system, your device is given an IP address. If hackers get to know about your system IP address, they will be able to know several other things about you such as where you stay, the sites you visit frequently, and your daily habits.

Don’t Panic! There is good news for you as well! To drive off such problems, you can mask your IP address and can change your geo-location by considering the following ways.

1). Use a VPN To hide your IP address, you can make the use of VPN service like HMA Pro VPN.

We are not going to talk in detail about the functioning of a VPN service, we just want you to give an idea that they exist, and are quite useful to us. The VPN basically changes your IP address and pretends you like you belong to another location.

This way, when you make a connection using VPN, your system has given a new IP address from where the server is located. If any unauthorized user tries to track your IP address, they would be able to access only VPN IP address instead of the original one.

2).  Turn off Geo-Location services When you access a website from a web browser for the very first time, they prompt a message on your screen displaying to access your Geo-location data. It is advisable to you to turn off this information and to avoid the prompt on your screen. To turn off geo-location services, go to the dashboard or setting panel.

If you have Firefox browser in your system, then type about:config in the address bar to access the setting menu. On reaching there, scroll it until you find geo.enabled and change it to the value of ‘False’ by double clicking on it.

And, if you use Chrome browser, click on the menu button > settings > advanced settings > content settings > location. Once you reach on the location option, you can select either the safer option or ask when a site tries to track your physical location.

3). Hide your geo-location Alike VPN changes your IP address, there are several kinds of plug-ins and web applications available for browsers that allow you to hide your geo-location. Depending upon the browser you use, just make a search over the Internet to find tools for it. You will see few options listed in front of your screen.

However, even after disabling or masking the geo-location, there are some professional hackers that can get to know about your actual location. That’s why; we prefer you to turn off your geo-location by using VPN service. Or, use enough of security to secure yourself and your online identity.

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