China puts restriction on accessing Virtual Private Network

China has put restriction on various popular services that let the citizens to avoid state restriction systems.

The 3 operators of virtual private network systems have stated that the new amendment to China’s firewall had curbed people to stop using the facilities.

The names of the 3 VPN providers that are influenced include Golden Frog, Astrill and StrongVPN.

Several citizens of China make the use of VPN services to access websites that they are not authorized to visit without the help of such services.

Websites that are allowed to access in China are Facebook, Google and Twitter.

China authorities make the use of advanced restriction system that restrict the number of place people can go online and also, what they can do online.

A Virtual private network (VPN) establishes a secure and encrypted connection between a system and the website people want to visit and keep an eye on the data streaming through the network.

The media of China said that the restriction had been introduced for the safety. The professor of Berkeley’s School of Information said to AP that, “renewed efforts to suppress the use of virtual private network done to control the corruption by the top officials of ruling communist party.”

The VPN services that have been targeted are generally used by many individuals and often accessed through their Smartphone’s. However, the authority of China has not restricted the use of VPN service inside large organizations or companies.

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