Could your Smartphone data sky theft affect you?

Nowadays, you can see a Smartphone in everyone’s hands, it’s just impossible to ignore its importance. When you take a minute to think that a Smartphone can do everything for you starting from maintaining your address book to properly organizing your banking it’s almost besides thinking.

On the other hand, Smartphone carries a big truth that all the features available on a pocked sized device are completely dependent on data. Sadly, your mobile data is at risk, while connecting to wireless devices.

Just ask the NSA.

Dirt boxes do a dirty job “The NSA has been working on a secret project with Justice Department to  take away the information transmitted through wireless devices or cell phones using Cessna airplanes”, as said by The Wall Street Journal.

These airplanes are also referred as ‘dirt boxes’, are basically equipped with the devices that are especially designed to behave like cell phone towers. These fake towers receive all the incoming data shared over the Internet within a specified range and this is how they create privacy issue.

But when a dirt box flutters through the sky, it does not gather only the targeted amount of data, instead it collects as much as it can. According to the information of insiders, the unwanted data is then abounded.

Meanwhile, an unknown source claims that the program is more than enough to cover the whole population of the entire region of the United States.

Interception made easy Now that, all of us must be aware of the fact that Smartphone’s are not secured by nature, as the information is openly shared. But, while Smartphone shares the information wirelessly, it becomes hard to intercept that wireless signal.

By design, Bluetooth are quite simple to intercept. However, several kinds of devices restricts the access of information available over Bluetooth connections, making it a less risky for most of us.

Alternatively, it becomes more difficult to intercept 3G, 4G or GPRS signals. The most difficult technique is the one, which is currently being used by several intelligence agencies behave to be like a cell phone tower. Undoubtedly, it requires money and time to research and for development.

Protect your Smartphone’s Data While making a connection to a fake cell phone tower, your phone data is actually at risk. It’s not a type of risk that we face in everyday’s life, but that doesnt mean you phone’s data is safe.

The biggest threat come across, when we transfer data over the Internet. After all, when you try to access an application or visit a website over the Internet, your information passes through different servers none of them are completely secured and verified. Wherever you go, you leave a trail to track you and any information that you share is exposed potentially.

In order to protect your data from physical theft, don’t forget to take the advantages of on board security methods such as encryption, passwords, and remote wipe features. If you want to sell your cell phone, first restore its default settings to remove your stored information completely.

It doesnt matter what are your doing with your device sending an email, browsing the Internet or making calls always be aware of the wireless connections you are connected and the information you could be sending.

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