FBI is planning to authorize VPN services and Tor Network Hacks

Because FBI is not able to remove encryption from the Smartphone’s of the US users, it is now planning to do an amendment in the federal law to access the information of users with the help of VPN services and Tor Network

The new effort known as “fishing expeditions” will alter the Federal Rule 41 (b), allowing the FBI agency to get access to the information of the citizens without asking any question such as who, when, what, why and where.

The FBI would allow malware based attacks to mandatory hacks the citizens, letting them to get access to and view all kind of user’s data. The approach “if you have nothing to protect, you don’t need to get scared” is being used by the agency.

Due to the present limitation applied on the law, FBI agency has to display the name of the user and the related information to that citizen, which is being electronically searched.

Ignore the statement that have been said by NSA and FBI agencies again and again that they are not opposed to VPN service and Tor network, but this is an effort on the privacy rights in the United States, which have been reluctant for over 3 centuries.

The enormous advancement in the web lets the agencies such as FBI and NSA to abandon the constitution, engaging mass scrutiny with the help of illegal methods, means if the agencies can’t get the authorization from congress and government.

As the FBI is thinking to alter the law, the UK is also exerting force on communications and encryption for more scrutiny.

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