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In this world of modernization, majority of people spend their time by being staying online over the internet and produces more and more information everywhere. And, this is also a truth that there are number of hackers who continuously monitors all your internet activities to access your information. The hackers, spammers and scammers exist over the Internet just for one reason i.e. to steal your personal data and to rob you off! You can trust your Internet Service Providers (ISP) as they maintain a full record of your Internet activities. They know about all the URL’s you visit from your system. Even in some countries, it is mandatory for the enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to keep a record of all the information that passes by the ISP. It might be important for the welfare of the society, but is surely breaking the privacy of the internet users.

If you don’t like this kind of interference, then you should opt for various privacy methods that in turn help you to protect your identity and Internet activities from other people. VPN can helps you to get out of all these problems. The main benefit of using this software is, it behaves like an IP hider and allow you to cover your IP address. Additionally, get a secured and private Internet experience.

Another benefit use can take from this software is, you can omit all the filters, restrictions, and firewalls placed by your network administrators on the blocked websites. With this software, you can unblock any website from anywhere in all over the world.

How does VPN software hide your IP address?

As we all know, each IP address is unique and is give to each system by an ISP provider. The IP address of your systems can be misused by the hackers, as they can easily track you and your personal data with the help of your personal IP address. It means, to protect yourself, you need to Hide your IP address and this can be done with the help of VPN software. This software replaces the original IP with a new IP address belonging to a different region and once, your system comes in touch with a new IP , you can surf the web anonymously.

VPN basically replaces the IP of your system by an alternative IP which in turn longs to a different server in the United States. Once, your system has assigned a new IP address, you can surf the Internet like, you are sitting in the United States and browsing it from there. The best thing about VPN is it never maintains a record of your Internet activities.

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