How to secure your Wi-Fi on public Hotspots when you are on Shopping?

Are you the one, who love to do shopping during holidays? Are you are one, who go from one shopping mall to another to compare the prices in-stores as well as online? If it is so, then you need to give attention to your Internet usage and to keep the identity fraud at side.

It’s quite shocking, but it’s true that we are addicted of using public hotspots at malls, restaurants and shops we ever come across. As several of the identity thefts are related with public Wi-Fi’s and to protect you from all these thefts, we have listed some of the security tips to secure your connection on public hotspots when you are on shopping:

  1. Keep your device up-to-date – Before you make a connection in between your Wi-Fi and public hotspots of mall and superstores, it is very necessary to keep your device up-to-date with the current operating system, applications, latest security software and web browser as well. The main objective of this activity is to protect you and your device from harmful malicious codes that you might encounter while using a public hotspots
  1. Ignore Untrusted Wi-Fi – You should abstain from connecting to a Wi-Fi that sounds unauthorized to you. It’s very easy for hackers to forge a fictitious ‘Free Wi-Fi’ at malls, superstars or in restaurants to monitor the online activities of the people. To avoid your tracking and a complete WiFi Security, you should always you a trusted connection
  1. Use Multifactor Verification – Well, it requires two ways authentication. It means, you are making harder for hackers and unauthorized users to get access to you and your crucial information by enabling an extra login step into your device. You should be 100% sure that multifactor verification is enabled in your cell phone.
  1. Always use Encrypted websites – In order to protect your data, you should abstain from accessing your financial profiles on public hotspots. Sometimes, in case of necessity, people need to access their financial profiles, than in that case, open the URL of your online bank account using the encrypted websites. Encrypted and secured websites always starts with https://
  1. Use Encryption on Public Hotspots – To secure your communication over the public hotspots, you should use the facility of encryption. And, to perform this, you can use a VPN software like HMA Pro! services to protect all your data on public hotspots, especially when you are making the use of your credit/debit card number to shop online or to pay any online bill.
  1. Take Care of Pop-ups – Give extra care and never click on any of the pop-up that emerges on your screen while using a public hotspot of shopping complexes.
  1. Disable Automatically Connect option – If you don’t turn off the automatically connection option on your device, then it will allow your device Wi-Fi to establish a connection with any hotspot that comes within your area. So, you should always disable the automatically connect option on all your devices.
  1. Use VPN for Anonymity – Using services of VPN like HMA, PureVPN or other from our recommended VPN will help you to hide your all the Internet activity from ISP’s and unauthorized users. Additionally, it will keep your identity and other details safe and secure from hackers
  1. Turn off Bluetooth – You should keep your Bluetooth off, when it has off no use. An enable Bluetooth can make you and your crucial information at risk. And, if you leave its functionality on while using a public hotspot, then hackers can access to your personal information in an open connection.
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