Indian Government blocks 32 websites including Vimeo, Pastebin and more!

In India, Internet users are now blocked from having access to several websites including Vimeo, Internet Archive, Pastebin and GutHub under an order taken by Indian Government DOT; Department of Telecom.

As per the statement updated on 1st January, 2015, “Vimeo has notified ZDNet that the Vimeo has been blocked. Vimeo itself has given this statement – a statement that has been published by India’s Ministry of Information Technology and Communication expressing the order of blocking Vimeo had been raised up. We are very happy for this decision and we will look ahead to having access to Vimeo renewed in India soon.”

It shows that an order to block these sites was issued in 17th December, 2014 is taking effect now!

And of now, “Pranesh Prakash” the policy director of the Centre of Internet and Society based in Bangalore published a copy of the notice including the name of 32 blocked websites and some of them are listed below:


And, because of this, the workforce of Indian developer going to face a hell of problems because of the restriction posed on GitHub. It will for sure effect the India’s based domestic sector as well as outsourced business development sectors.


Indian Internet users are starting to feel the torture, after all the websites blocks are being expressed by majority of the India Internet users on Twitter and Reddit as being haphazardly applied.

What can be done to access them all?

Well, all Indian Internet users are getting very frustrated and must be feeling torture because of the restriction posed by Indian Government on 32 websites surprisingly! But, just for the sake of them, we come up with a solution to this threatening problem. They can easily bypass all the Internet filters and restriction employed on 32 website with the help of a VPN service like HMA Pro! VPN. This software helps our users all access all the websites from anywhere in the world!

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