Is it possible for users to access Gmail in China?

The rest of the restriction free world already against of China because, of its strictly restricted government, and its way of preventing access to the information. We, if we give a look to the recently revealed reports, then the rest of restriction free world has one more reason to criticize China as this country has even blocked Gmail servers at IP level.

This step taken by the Chinese government is more than enough to raise the eyebrows of many people, as it is considered as one of the big steps by China to prevent hinder access to many Internet services.

What is IP address blocking?

Well, IP address blocking is the most common strategy applied to forbid a connection between two systems over the Internet, and in this case, it is a server or a website and the system which is trying to access the server or to open the URL of the website. This approach is persuaded by a majority of the countries who want to restrict the use of specific website or a server. As every country is provided with a particular set of IPs, so the government authorities or the local laws of that country put restriction on these IPs to prevent the use of a server or a website.

How China is prohibiting access to Gmail servers?

The server, which is responsible for converting the name of the domain into the IP address is called a domain name server or domain name system, and is preferably abbreviated as DNS. And, to hinder the use of Gmail, China authorities used to block the IPs on backbone routers.

What a Gmail user can do now?

If you want to connect to Gmail in China, then you need to establish a connection with a non-China based Gmail server, and to establish a connection, you should know the IP address of the non-China based Gmail server. This can be easily done by making the use of a VPN service to omit all the filters and restrictions in China.

Will a VPN service can really do help?

First of all, don’t take us wrong, we are not trying to sell you our VPN service to access Gmail in China. It’s completely your decision, but before you decide to get in touch with any of the VPN service, make sure that you get the full proof services you have ever imagined, just like a VPN can give! And, why you should worry, after all, you are completely relying on that service for your privacy and security of your online activities.

VPN offers these facilities to all of its users and additionally, it also covers an area of 15 countries and presently, we have more than 50 servers which are working online. By using VPN, you can easily get rid of all the country’s restrictions and firewalls to access social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and much more!

We are not asking you to choose our service, but we just want you to think smartly and then, choose wisely!

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