‘Net Neutrality’ What does it mean for me?

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality, also known as open Internet, is basically a process in which all the Internet services providers should provide equal access to all applications and other legal content, without blocking or favoring some sources. It also forbid Internet service providers from charging information providers for the quick delivery of their information on ‘fast lanes.’

How the Net Neutrality rules will affect me?

The main objective of the rules is to provide high quality Internet experience to everyone. The proposed draft legislation and FCC regulations in Congress both aim to make sure that the information on Internet whether it is audio, video content or other kind of content will be considered equally by all internet service providers. Another objective of the rules is; to allow entrepreneurs and start-ups to access broadband connection.

What will happen if I’ll stream House of Cards or Game of Thrones in the future?

In theory, the only thing that should change is the actual regulations possessed in the books, or you can say potentially laws that Congress should pass to protect the interest of users and to ensure them that they will get what they are paying for. But, it doesn’t mean that everyone will get access to same level of Internet facility. Don’t forget that users have already paid for different speeds, and the rate of broadband connection might raises in future, if the technology and speed advances. The FCC’s rules basically prevent ISP’s from restricting content, favoring content or other kind of content that can harm the Internet users.

What is the difference between a content provider and an ISP?

An Internet service provider is basically a company that allows you to make a connection with Internet. Some of the popular ISP’s are Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Cox. Content providers are organizations such as Amazon and Netflix that delivers programs and videos. Sometime, an ISP can also be considered as a content provider.

What is the net neutrality rules proposed to the FCC?

The complete details of FCC Chairman are still uncovered, but Tom Wheeler disclosed in a speech that all the broadband connections should be enough fair, open and fast. “The FCC would make all the use of all tools to safeguard consumers and innovators”, said by FCC Chairman. However, the plan does not include unbundling and rate regulations.

Why do we need net neutrality rules?

The FCC has been re-modifying net neutrality rules because the last set by tossed out by a federal court previous year. In January 2014, the US court overturned the previously established net neutrality rules, but the court said that the FCC would try to re-modify them.

Why the FCC wants to treat the Internet just like a public utility?

This way, all the Internet service providers and private companies can sell their Internet services to all the people without any discrimination, alike to how users got landline telephone facilities.

Who supports net neutrality?

Google, Apple and Content providers, support net neutrality. They say users are already paying for Internet connection and they have the right to get a high quality experience. Many Internet users like the idea of net neutrality rules. Over 4 million people posted commented to the FCC regarding net neutrality. Among all, some were companies and trade associations, but most of them were common people, supporting net neutrality.

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