Some Tips for Online Security Using Free Technologies

After seeing a lot of crime cyber in previous year i.e.; in 2014, it’s the time to take a new online protection resolution this year. Despite the fact, there is nothing like 100% fool-proof plan, but still, there is always a combination of technologies exist that you can adopt to enhance your online security while surfing the Internet!

That’s why; Almost of VPN comes up with 10 best free technologies you can use to stay safe online. Let’s know about them

Adware Blockers for Browsers  

As we all know, our devices come in touch with adware’s through pictures, text, video and animations. Adware installs trackers on our devices which in turn keep all the records of our online activities, and then so, send us targeted messages! In order to secure our browsing habits and online activities, we can install adware blockers in our devices to get rid of adwares.

Anonymous Email Service

Most commonly email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft are not layout to mask your online identity. So, to protect your identity, it’s better to install anonymous email service on your device.

Super Cookie Blocker

Majority of the spamming attacks are carried out with the help of cookies stored on your system like DOM Storage objects and flash cookies. To get rid of this problem, Internet users can make the use of cookie blocker to stay protected online.

Clean Up Your System

In order to stay protected online, you need to remove all the hidden junk files, and clean up the disk space in your device.

Peer Blocking

These add-ons help Internet users to control their communication, i.e.; to whom your system interacts over the Internet. The communication can be blocked with p2p activity monitors, advertising or spyware oriented servers or even worldwide! With the help of this tool, neither they won’t be able to get in touch with your system nor would your system be able to send them anything!

Scan the Web Pages

It’s quite effective to install an application that can check the visited web pages to search out web germs, which are used to keep a track of user’s online activity over the Internet. These kinds of installed applications do not allow you to leave a stream of visited web pages on the Internet.

Password Generators  

Well, passwords are like a key to enter into your device. So, to safeguard your online privacy, you need to set unique and difficult passwords for your every online account. However, sometimes, it could be hard to create a different password for each account. That’s why; several online tools are available over the Internet you can find to carry out this task for you.

Track-Me-Not Tools

These kinds of tools help Internet users to hide their absolute search stream and protect their precious information from web searchers.

Secure your Facebook Profile

Nowadays, the majority of our generation spends half of our daily life by being online over the Facebook. We are too much indulged in Facebook that tagging, sharing and posting becomes our daily schedule. In such cases, it becomes mandatory to protect your Facebook profile. We don’t need only best practice to protect our Facebook profile, but we require strong guidelines too!

Ignore Web pages Free Registrations

While browsing the web, people might have come across various free websites registration forms, which require you to enter your personal information. Now, these kinds of problems can be avoided by using several free tools.

Best online privacy and security solution Although, we have listed the enough of the methods to secure your privacy on the Internet, but they might be time-consuming and you need a lot of time to get habitual of using them. A VPN is a full proof solution for your online security and protection.

All you need is to choose the best VPN service provider such as VPN to protect your online identity, to safeguard your precious information, to secure your device from hackers and to get access to blocked or restricted websites!

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