Things to Consider When Connecting to WiFi Hotspot

Using Wi-Fi or Public network

When you are in a public place and you have an access to Wi-Fi then you never want to miss that chance. You’ll surely connect to that. But do you know that that Wi-Fi is unprotected and do not even uses any encryption security. If you are opening your email or accessing your secret data then might be under the vision of some theft. Using nearby radio signals he can read your secret information. So it is advised that you must not operate this for any banking or shopping transactions. You need to be very careful while using Wi-Fi hot spots or public networks.

Things need to be done while using Wi-Fi:

Turn off automatic connectivity

Just go to your mobile settings and turn off the option of “connect automatically” to the open networks. Because if you this option in Wi-Fi area, your data is under heavy risk. You are giving invitation to hackers.

Choose the appropriate network:

Beware of the hackers as they may show you the bunch of Wi-Fi connections with high signal range and that is for no cost. You will definitely get fascinated to this tempting offer but this is way to make a fool of you and steal your information. This is done by hackers. You feel like you are a lucky one to get this opportunity but you are advices to stay away from such actions.

Avoid any software updation on Wi-Fi network

Do not upgrade any software when you are using unknown or unsecure network. When we are on a public network then we get the messages for updation, very Often. And once you select updation your data is under hazard. Virus can easily enter your system now.

Use long and alphanumeric passwords

Use unpopular and long passwords that are difficult to guess. Try to include special characters, alphabets and numbers as well to make it highly strong. Use different passwords for all your accounts.

Use VPN as a security

There are various types of security methods to protect your data while using Wi-Fi network. One of them is encryption. HMAPro! VPN caters you with VPN which uses the method of encryption to secure your data while you are on a public network. Many of the big mobile companies use the concept of VPN for the mobile users. They provide secure VPN connection to their users. It is one of the effective, powerful and meaningful ways to increase security.

What Is Encryption?

Encryption is a technique which rewrites your data in some code language and send on the network and only the receiver can decode that by using the method of decryption. This is done by using two keys called public and private keys. This technique enhances the level of security and the middle man can’t understand that code language. HTTP is included in the URL part of the encrypted websites.

Avoid Sharing:

It is informed you for your aid that you must turn off sharing while using Wi-Fi. Some of the devices are already been set to find out new device and share information. This is fine at your Home place but not in Wi-Fi area. So turn off this when you use public network.

Wi-Fi is a very good advancement in the field of technology but one need to be very careful before playing with it.

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