VPN services are thinking to pull out Canada to protect customer privacy

Last week, Canada accomplished a modification to its copyright law that in turn requires Internet services to keep access logs of users in order to measure piracy notices. This modification brings the privacy and security of VPN customers at risk, and because of this, the VPN providers of Canada are thinking to drag out the services from the country.

Some days ago, it became mandatory for Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to pass infringement notices to their users. As a result of new alternation in copyright law that are also applicable to the VPN services, Internet providers have to access logs of their users IP addresses.

Particularly, this adaptation in copyright law requires a wide range of Internet services to hold records to know the identity of the user with whom the electronic location belongs to.

The new changes are also applicable to the BTGuard, a well renowned Canada based VPN and proxy service that demands to retain no logs. After seeing that the new data retention demands would allow a change in privacy policies, a large number of customers questioned the Internet providers to clear all the matter.

Answering to the answers of question, BTGuard guaranteed its users that its logging policy is not going to changed. But, BTGuard may not continue its VPN services in Canada anymore.

As notified in our privacy policy, “we don’t keep records of our customer IPs and usage and it will not happen in future too”, as said by BTGuard to one of its user that.

“Well, it has high possibility that this act will force us to not continue our VPN services in Canada, but yes, we will surely search out a solution and will continue to operate our services where it does not cause you any inconvenience” the company said.

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