VPN vs TOR Which one is better?

Are you aware of the fact that surfing the Internet is a risky job? While browsing an Internet, all your online activities might be tracked by phishers, hackers or by unknown third parties. The reason behind tracking you and your online activities could be anything; whether it is in the context of security or to cause your harm.

A great way to get rid of this is to make the use of TOR or VPN

A large number of people are making the use TOR and VPN in order to prevent their online identity and to browse the Internet without any tension. As more and more countries are restricting the use of Internet, it becomes important for Internet users to bypass all the restrictions set by the countries and local laws. For example China has banned the Facebook and people in China can’t watch their favorite episodes until they have access to another server based in the United States. With the help of TOR and VPN, they can easily overcome all the restrictions and can browse the using by connection to the different servers in all over the world easily.

What does TOR do?

With the help of TOR, it’s almost impossible to track your location as the Internet traffic is switch through a free and worldwide network which in turn comprises of over 5,000 relays. Besides this, it allows the people to surf the web anonymously. However, with TOR, you might get slow connectivity to the Internet just because of online routing. Undoubtedly, TOR gives proper protection and keeps your online identity safe from unauthorized users.

How TOR Works

 Image Source: https://www.torproject.org/about/overview.html.en

What’s with VPN?

VPN offers a much better connecting speed in comparison to TOR, as it uses only a VPN server between a working system and a requested site. A particular tunnel of information is created between the company network and the VPN user. Although, there have been arguments that some VPN operators keeps the track of VPN users online activities, but still, it offers better protection and security than TOR. These days, VPN operators have also offering malware protection as it is included in the client software.

People can make the use of TOR to browse the web anonymously, but if you make the use of VPN, you will get better protection from hackers, malwares and identity thieves.

When you should use VPN only?

Remember you can’t watch your favorite videos until you have access to a US server? Well, a VPN can save you from this situation i.e.; by helping you to get access to the internationally restricted video content. This is because with central relays associated with TOR, enable ISP’s are generally block the geo-restricted content. On the other hand, TOR is secure for those users, who are outside the network connection.

Which one you should choose?

If you are planning to go with VPN, you might need to pay some money for a year. And, if you are planning to get a dedicated VPN server with VPN connection, then you might need to pay more. You can also avail the services of free VPN, but it comes up with lots of limitations.

While on the other side, TOR offers the best services for anonymity. It’s easy for TOR to track back the data because of a different server that in turn related with different relays.

So, it’s up to you, what you will choose between TOR and VPN!!

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